Our AI Tutor is live!!!

Towards AI's AI tutor! Answer any AI/LLM questions with references!

Our AI Tutor is live!!!

Last week, we released our LLM course. We are excited to announce another related project: our own AI tutor!

Thanks to the thousands of articles published under the Towards AI publication, all the content from our LangChain and LLM course, and other great available sources like Huggingface Transformers and Wikipedia, we were able to build a powerful retrieval augmented generation (RAG)-based chatbot that can answer any AI-related question and even credit its sources!

RAG is a powerful approach to reducing hallucination risks and providing a way to reference the knowledge shared by a chatbot so you can dive in and learn more. So, the only thing required to build such an AI tutor is an excellent chatbot (GPT), a great knowledge base (Towards AI), and some handwork. 

We are excited to announce it is live and free! Please try it and give us feedback on how to improve it! Are the responses too short, too detailed, and wrong sources…? Help us make it better for you! We plan to keep improving it and keep it free for all our students!

Try our question-and-answer (Q&A) chatbot built for the GenAI 360 suite, which can answer questions for anything LLM-related:

More about our course in collaboration with Activeloop, Towards AI, and the Intel Disruptor Initiative!

Tl;dr: The course is about showing everything about LLMs (train, fine-tune, use RAG…), and it is completely free!

Is the course for you?

If you want to learn how to train and fine-tune LLMs from scratch, and have intermediate Python knowledge, you should be all set to take and complete the course.

This course is designed with a wide audience in mind, including beginners in AI, current machine learning engineers, students, and professionals considering a career transition to AI.

We aimed to provide you with the necessary tools to apply and tailor Large Language Models across a wide range of industries to make AI more accessible and practical.

Start the course for free now:

Free Course on Training & Fine-Tuning LLMs for Production
Master Large Language Models with 60+ Theory Lessons and 10+ Practical Projects. Join 15K+ Engineers in Learning How to Train & Fine-Tune LLMs for Production.