Learn AI Together

Learn AI Together

Learning or working with AI? Come join us, we are a Discord Community with over 36'000 members! Ask questions, find teammates, share your projects, and much more!

Programming is way more fun when you learn/work with someone. Help each other, ask questions, brainstorm, etc. There is just so much benefit to joining a community when you are in this field, especially when you cannot find the question you are looking for on stack overflow! 😉

This is the same thing with AI, and it is why a little less than a year ago I created a discord server. Where anyone learning or working in the field could come and share their projects, learn together, work together, and much more. The community is now over 36 000 members, which is unbelievable!

So glad to see it growing and see everyone so active.

Come join us if you are in the field of AI !