Break into AI in 2023: Best Resume & Interview Tips with Brian Burns (AI Pub) - What's AI Podcast Episode 9

Ph.D., Twitter, Breaking into the AI Field, and more with Brian Burns (AI Pub)

Break into AI in 2023: Best Resume & Interview Tips with Brian Burns (AI Pub) - What's AI Podcast Episode 9

Are you considering pursuing a Ph.D. in machine learning? Before you take the plunge, take a moment to listen to this insightful interview with Brian Burns, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Washington and founder of the AI Pub Twitter account.

In this episode, we first dive into academia vs. Industry, where Brian sheds light on the pros and cons of pursuing a machine learning Ph.D. program. Spoiler: while it can help break into the field and for specific research goals, there are other ways to learn quickly and find opportunities!

We pursue the discussion with some of the alternative paths… Machine learning research has evolved significantly over time, and alternative pathways like joining open-source research organizations or working on side projects might actually prove to be more useful than graduate studies for some individuals.

But how to get into the AI field without those studies? Just jump in projects, and it’s over? Not really, you will also most probably need to make money, and thus find a job (or create yours like Brian). Here are some of Brian’s tips on landing this first job…

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Personalizing resumes: Brian emphasizes the importance of showcasing quantifiable impacts the candidate has made, whether it’s speeding up a service, improving a model’s performance, or generating revenues for an employer.

The power of brand and online presence: Don’t underestimate the influence of a strong personal brand and an online profile when it comes to recruiting. Share your work, collaborate, and use social media to your advantage.

Build connections: Dive into old-school social networking and start making connections in the industry. Reach out to people on LinkedIn, attend networking events, join online communities, and go the extra mile to stand out in a competitive market.

Share a story: Recruiters know your resume. They’ve read it. Once you get into the interview: share your story! Talk about a project you worked on and the challenges you surpassed. Anything that makes you, you!

Tune in to the interview to learn even more insights to get into AI, grow a Twitter page, host a podcast, ace interviews, build a better resume, and the other topics Brian is an expert in… (or listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts)