What's it like to work in Generative AI?

An interview with the VP of R&D at a Generative AI company (D-ID)

What's it like to work in Generative AI?

Here's a recent interview I did with Or Gorodissky, VP of R&D at D-ID. D-ID is a company that uses generative AI to create videos of photorealistic avatars. This interview is divided into three parts to demystify what is "research in generative AI". More specifically, we cover three main parts; education, the job interview process, and actual job, and the generative AI startup world.

1️⃣ Do you need a Master's in Generative AI?

This is the first episode of a three-part interview focusing on Or's education and what he thinks is needed to become an AI research scientist in the industry.

2️⃣ How to find a job in Generative AI, and what is it like?

This part focuses on the job interview process and what's it like to work in the Generative AI industry...

3️⃣ What is it like to work at a startup in Generative AI?

This third and last interview focuses on the startup world in Generative AI and especially doing research, implementing papers, open-source work, and more!