My videos

My videos

Hi, I am Louis (loo·ee, French pronunciation), from Montreal, Canada. I am focusing on making AI accessible. I try to share and explain artificial intelligence terms and news the best way I can for everyone. My goal is to demystify the AI “black box” for everyone and sensitize people about the risks of using it.
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News in AI explained with Simple Terms

Watch my most recent video covering a new application of AI:

Most used Artificial Intelligence terms clearly explained to everyone

I made a short series of videos a year ago with an AI speaking instead of me where I cover the most used terms in artificial intelligence with short videos of less than 2 minutes.

How to start in Machine Learning & how to Stay up to date with the news.

A video showing my guide for learning artificial intelligence in 2022. Full of free AI resources like courses, articles, books, communities and more!

AI Put Simply

A series of short videos answering the question of what is AI (artificial intelligence) with videos of less than one minute per subject explained in simple terms.

AI Application Highlights

This playlist aims to showcase what artificial intelligence can do by showing research results examples in under one minute with a complementary video for more details if interested. Highlighting the current state of AI in 2022.