10x Your Productivity with those AI Tools

These AI Tools will 10x Your Productivity!

10x Your Productivity with those AI Tools

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Here are my five favorite tools to boost my productivity, all based on artificial intelligence since that’s what we like on this page! Obviously, a tool doesn’t have to be based on AI to be helpful, far from it, but those ones are game changers in terms of efficiency and performance, and I had to share them with you guys!

Let’s get right into the tool I use the most and that you know of; ChatGPT.

We had to mention it.

ChatGPT is amazing for many things. It’s useful to create templates for many repetitive tasks involving text like emails or social media posts for recruiters.


If you are not a native English speaker like me, ChatGPT is a first-class writing assistant. Just write your text and ask it to rephrase it, keeping the same format and information. I promise you. You will be mind blown by the quality of the writing and results.

It can even help you code!


You already know about ChatGPT, so let’s get to the next ones that might be more niche but extremely useful…


We are staying in text for the second one, with my favorite by far… Grammarly!

Grammarly is just a fantastic corrector.

It helps you correct your sentences live and is embedded in most text inputs from any website and even on your phone, whether you are typing a tweet, an email, or a LinkedIn post.

It will help you find your mistakes, correct them, suggest better formulations, and even identify the tone of your text if you’d like to make it more formal or engaging! Grammarly helps the writing process and quickly improves your email game.

I’ve used it since we had it for free in my first data science job in 2020 and have used it ever since. It may be because I am not a native English speaker, as I’ve said, but it has been incredibly helpful.


Let’s keep with text but for the opposite reason; ingesting text more efficiently using Cohere’s new AI summarizer tool.

I’ve had the chance to be one of the early testers being a Cohere ambassador, and it is impressive.

I love being able to summarize a long article or video into a few lines. I used it myself for my own articles to create social posts since you can customize the output pretty well to get the length you want, and the summaries are better than what I usually do. Of course, this is not peer-reviewed results. It may be because I am bad at summarizing, but it has changed how I work, and I recommend giving it a try.

They also have an API endpoint for this new summarizer to embed wherever you want.

This is how I use Cohere, but they also have lots of cool stuff allowing you to generate, categorize and organize text since they are building their own models and APIs you can use. It contains pretty much all you need for better productivity when it comes to content generation.

Definitely check out Cohere if you want to speed up your time-intensive and redundant processes through their playground or APIs!

I want to highlight here that, as I usually say, take those powerful generative AI as some sort of Wikipedia page. You can generally trust it, but the information isn’t necessarily true.

Plus, they may take information from the internet due to how they were trained and not credit the real authors, which could lead to plagiarism issues and would be simply unethical to do as you have the responsibility for the tools you are using.

For instance, look at this description of my youtube channel I generated, which looks quite accurate:

Now, look at this description of me…

Awesome. Except that I am still doing a Ph.D. with far from 15 years of experience.

Oh, and I never founded “DataGenius”.

Still, I recommend using any tools that can help you in your work by making you more efficient or through which you can learn and get better. Just do not use it blindly! Just like using a GPS when driving makes you dependent on it, try not to become dependent on AI help!


When speaking of productivity, we have to talk about meetings.
I’m not entering into the importance of meetings or if they are necessary at all. You can judge that by yourself.

I’d simply recommend reading The 4-hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss or listening to his podcasts if you haven’t before making your mind on this.

By the way, this is not related at all but I now also have a podcast on Spotify and Apple podcasts called What’s AI by Louis Bouchard if you enjoy this type of content where I interview experts in the field to discuss their career or topics. They always share amazing tips you can apply to your career or just to improve as an individual. I love doing those interviews and getting better at doing that. Hope you enjoy them too, let me know if you check them!

So coming back to productivity and, more precisely, meetings, I’d recommend two tools…

The first one: Otter.ai. Otter.ai is amazing during your remote meetings. It will automatically summarize what you talk about and split into the different topics you covered. This is incredibly useful for interviews or long meetings that cover a wide variety of topics.


Definitely a plus to have for your video conference or calls. Note that this is the one I used personally, but I believe there are many others that do a similar job. I’d just recommend using one of those to help you save time and better summarize and organize your meetings.

Speaking of meeting organization, this is why I use the second app: mem.ai.


Mem.ai has many features, but the one I most enjoy is how it automatically organizes your content. There are templates for pretty much everything, like meeting summaries.

Just add what you had from Otter.ai or write it down yourself and never lose it in a lost Google doc ever again. It allows you to have much better organized and centralized notes. To me, it’s like an improved Notion.

There are also lots of features that I am not even using, but I think could be quite cool since you can connect it with your emails, calendar, and other apps to keep track of everything and help you organize your day. Those two are a must-have if you have online meetings at your job.

If you think these tools were useful, well, the most useful is to come.
The most useful tool is the future.

What I mean by that is you need to know when interesting tools are released and try them out. You never know when one will change your life and save you hours in your week. So more specifically, my preferred tip is to follow AI newsletters. These will allow you to keep up-to-date with all the coolest releases and most powerful tools.

For example, there are the daily Synthetic Mind, Ben’s Bites, AlphaSignal and TL;DR AI newsletters that give you a five-minute summary of what happened in the field, which is largely enough to make sure to catch the next ChatGPT-like tool.

Another one, if you don’t like newsletters, is following AI-news YouTube channels like ByCloud and… mine, obviously! I linked a few of my favorites in my guide for learning machine learning that is in the description in the newsletter section.

Most of these tools use what we call prompting. I made an introduction of what prompting is in a previous video. Simply put: it is how we communicate with those AI tools.


So it is essential to understand how best to talk with them to get what you want. This is why I recommend learning a bit about prompting.

A friend of mine created a completely free online resource called Learn Prompting that will give you the basis of prompting and advanced tips to best leverage those AI models. He also plans to keep the guide up-to-date with new prompting techniques and models and improve it over the years.

So have a look at learn prompting and bump your AI whispering capabilities to the next level.

By the way, this is not an ad. We are making zero money off this shoutout, or the learn prompting platform that is, by the way, fully open-source if you’d like to contribute and make it better! I genuinely think my friend Sander did an amazing job, and it will legitimately help you better use ChatGPT, MidJourney, and all those AIs.

And voilà! Those were my favorite AI-related tools! I hope you’ve enjoyed the video and found at least one tool you think will help you!

Please let me know in the comments if you are using any other AI-based tools that I did not share here. And tell me if you’d like another video like this out of the tools you share with me. I could do a “best off” from the community! It could be pretty useful.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you in the next one!


My Favorite tools for increased Productivity (10x the quality and quantity of your results!):
►ChatGPT: https://chat.openai.com/
►Grammarly: https://grammarly.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=182&aff_id=114141
►Cohere: https://dashboard.cohere.ai/welcome/register?utm_source=influencer&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=whatsai
►Otter.ai: https://otterai.sjv.io/c/3093038/1063514/13661?utm_term=1113693&utm_medium=tracking_link&utm_source=affiliate&utm_content=other
►Mem.ai: https://get.mem.ai/
►Learn Prompting: https://learnprompting.org/

AI Newsletters I follow:
►Synthetic Mind: https://www.syntheticmind.io/subscribe?ref=EFowuebnlZ
►Tl;dr AI: https://tldr.tech/ai
►Ben’s Bites: https://www.bensbites.co/
►AlphaSignal: https://alphasignal.ai/
►My newsletter: https://www.louisbouchard.ai/newsletter/
►ByCloud YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@bycloudAI
►My podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/louis-bouchard